Intensive English Center Application

How to Apply:

NOTE: If you want to apply for both Intensive English and undergraduate study, then please use the International Student Application.

If you want to apply for only Intensive English, then continue with the following:

  • Be sure you have examined the Intensive English Program costs.

  • Read and complete all the parts of the Intensive English Center Application below.

  • Be sure to indicate if you want to reserve a residence hall room.

Intensive English Center Application

Please select ALL the sessions you plan to attend
Application deadline for the Spring I 2014 session is December 9, 2013

2013-2014 Sessions

Summer I 2013, May 12 – June 14

Summer II 2013, June 17 – July 19

Fall I 2013, August 21 – October 18

Fall II 2013, October 21 – December 13

Spring I 2014, January 9 – February 28

Spring II 2014, March 3 – May 2

2014-2015* Sessions
* Dates are tentative at this time

Summer I 2014, May 19 – June 20

Summer II 2014, June 23 – July 25

Fall I 2014, August 20 – October 17

Fall II 2014, October 20 – December 12

Spring I 2015, January 8 – February 27

Spring II 2015, March 2 – May 1

Do you plan to apply for a residence hall room?

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If yes, do you smoke? Yes  No

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Marital Status

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If your spouse and/or children will accompany you, please provide their name(s) and dates of birth.


Where did you hear about the University of Evansville Intensive English Center?

For how many years have you studied English?

Number of Years:
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Have you taken a TOEFL test?

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If yes:
When Taken?

After English studies will you:

Return Home
Study for a Degree

If studying for a degree, what level?

B.A./B.S.  M.A./M.S.  Ph.D.

Would you like an application for undergraduate admission to the University of Evansville?


Do you plan to apply for a student visa?

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Are you now in the United States?

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If yes, what type of Visa do you already hold?
(You must complete this part.)

A-1 or A-2 (Diplomatic)
B-1 or B-2 (Tourist)
J-1 or J-2 (Exchange Visitor)
Institution that Issued your DS-2019:

F-1 (Student Visa)
F-2 (Dependent of Student)
Institution that Issued your I-20

Other (e.g., Permanent Resident)

Do you have medical insurance?

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Name of Insurance Company:

Full-time students must have medical insurance which meets the university's requirements. Students on an F-1 visa may purchase an insurance policy through the university upon arrival.

I certify that the information provided is accurate and complete. I understand that admission to the Intensive English Center does not constitute admission to the University of Evansville.

Yes, I agree to the terms above.

The University of Evansville operates under a non-discriminatory policy with regard to race, color, age, religion, disability, sex and national origin.