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University of Evansville Academic Honor Code and Statement of Certification

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Academic integrity has always been a hallmark of the University of Evansville. The Academic Honor Code enables both students and faculty to pursue their scholarly endeavors in an environment of academic freedom. It is an environment that our students both expect and demand. Matriculation at the University of Evansville is contingent upon subscribing to the values of the following honor code:

"I understand that any work which I submit for course credit will imply that I have adhered to this Academic Honor Code: I will neither give nor receive unauthorized aid nor will I tolerate an environment which condones the use of unauthorized aid."

In addition, you hereby certify that the information given on this application is accurate to the best of your knowledge. You understand that all transcripts as well as other admission documents become the property of the University of Evansville and you waive your right to access these documents. You grant permission for your high school and college(s) to furnish all academic information requested by the UE Office of Admission.

"I acknowledge that if I provide false information to the University concerning my application, the institution has the right to revoke or deny my admission."

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Our goal is to make our application as straightforward and concise as possible, while collecting sufficient information to make an appropriate admission and scholarship decision. After we receive your completed application and all required documents, you will be notified about our admission and scholarship decision.

The University of Evansville operates under a non-discriminatory policy with regard to race, color, age, religion, disability, sex, and national origin.